About Suzy - Suzy Pool, Beaconsfield,

About Suzy

My Story

As a working mother of two children, now in their twenties, I discovered the importance of finding peace and quiet for myself whilst juggling the usual stresses of working and managing family life.

In my capacity as an Occupational Health Advisor for large organisations both in the private and public sectors, I discovered that one of the main causes of sickness absence was due to stress. People were stressed mainly because they did not feel fully in control of their lives.

Many people do not actually know what they want and so as each day passes by they feel the loss of their sense of purpose and drive. From many years of research and development in my own career, and also by making changes in my own life to feel more empowered and fulfilled, I found that the antidote to stress is having :

  • Some time out for yourself
  • Time to relax, do yoga, exercise and socialise more
  • Time to step back and re-evaluate what matters most to you in life

For this reason, I run regular Retreats both in the UK and abroad which incorporate all of these elements. It is a perfect opportunity to fully relax and get away from your normal stressful environment and give yourself some nourishing time out.

My turning point in my life was when I discovered the benefits of yoga and meditation and decided to start my own business teaching yoga. This led me to further my studies and expand my skills through pursuing a Psychotherapy training and then a Life Coaching Programme.

My experience

I started my business 15 years ago after a career that includes:

  • Nursing
  • Occupational Health – managing peoples’ health in the workplace
  • Setting up Occupational Health Services for public and private sectors
  • Developing Stress Management and Health and Safety Training programmes
  • Becoming a Yoga and Meditation teacher
  • Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and the Corporate and the Executive Life Coach Programme

I now offer all these skills to help you enjoy a more balanced and fulfilled life and develop the capacity to be more resilient.