One to One Sessions - Suzy Pool, Beaconsfield,

One to One Transformations…

Sometimes, learning alone is the right thing to do for you. At certain times in our lives, we need to reflect, recentre and begin moving forwards again. There’s no better way to do this than with the support and guidance of a qualified, experience mentor.

Suzy is an experienced coach who specialises in Yoga, Mindfulness and Work-Life-Balance, amongst a variety of other areas. If you feel that working with a professional is the right thing for you, speak to Suzy today.

Life Coaching

I am a LIFE COACH. And that simply means that I am qualified to help you manage Life as best you see it. We all want different things in life to make us feel happy, fulfilled and at peace. This is not something we learn at school. As a LIFE COACH I really want to help you :

  • Find your bliss.
  • Be all that you are here to be.
  • Reach your full potential
  • Set goals that seem impossible to achieve and reach for the stars

When I was looking for a Personal Coach during a time in my life of uncertainty and change, these were the qualities I was looking for someone :

  • who came across as caring, kind and warm-hearted
  • with whom I felt understood
  • I admired and trusted and liked
  • I felt really comfortable with, never judged or ashamed of anything I shared
  • I could speak openly to
  • who was personable, approachable and available
  • who cared genuinely about my wellbeing

The relationship is like having your own personal companion and confidant for your journey in your life.

I just wanted to thank you for supporting me through my numerous life hurdles 2 years ago and my new relationship. I often recall our conversations and put what you have helped me with into practice on at least a weekly basis. It means more to me than you’ll ever know! Just to say thank you again!


If right now in your life you are at a crossroads and foundling to make the right life choices or feeling alone and scared to make important decisions in your life, then please give me a ring for a short consultation and let’s see if I can really help You.


Mindfulness is a powerful way to relieve anxiety and stress – it can also help you manage mild depression.

Life is all about change and nothing ever really stays the same as much as we yearn for it. Mindfulness can help you feel safer, more secure and settled – whether it is in your job, your relationship or your location. It helps you cope with changes in things and in people. It will help you feel better able to cope with changes either mentally or emotionally.

Now you can benefit from the simple practice of mindfulness. It will help you feel calmer and more relaxed and able to find some respite from your over-thinking or sometimes over-analytical mind.

Thank you for another wonderful session, Suzy. Your guided mindfulness meditation exercise was wonderful. You are a gifted teacher. You manage to create a wonderful blend of ‘new learnings’ – sometimes that’s even coming from our existing knowledge! Whilst also being able to help us consolidate our earlier practices. All the while being ‘brave’ enough to share your own learnings with us too which is both refreshing & reassuring and a reminder that we can always be a ‘student’ I feel very fortunate to have you as our guide on this journey. Thank you again.

Clare White


Many students benefit from having a few sessions on a 1-2-1 basis when they first want to learn yoga. I strongly recommend this as it helps if you have not done exercise for a long time or are looking to get fit or lose weight in a short time.

A few private sessions will help you to understand your body, what the postures are in a short time and the correct way of doing them to prevent injury. It also helps people who are keen to practice on their own each day. They go away with a few postures that are ideal for them and can practice safely.

Occasionally I am asked to run group sessions for people wishing to practice together. If you have the space I will be willing to come to you to teach the session.

It could be a group of family or friends at home or for people at work who wish to practice during the lunch break or after work.

Suzy has been teaching Yoga in a weekly lunchtime session to a group of employees at our offices for a good number of years. These sessions are extremely beneficial to all par-ticipants. All of the group are reaping the benefits of long term better health and well-being as a consequence of these training sessions. I know I am. I very rarely even catch a cold these days.

Suzy is very professional and never misses a session without organising a replacement tutor, she is also extremely mindful of any pre-existing injuries and ensures alternative ex-ercise to avoid any further stress.

Every company should hire Suzy or someone just like her.”

— Stephanie McCorindale - Convatec Ltd. Middlesex