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Retreats & Workshops

I love getting to know people on a more intimate level on Workshops and Retreats. So much can be achieved in a short time. We gain knowledge from reading and discussing various topics with our friends, colleagues and family members, but there is something quite transformative about attending Workshops and Retreats.

What can Themed Workshops offer you?

Each of the Workshops will give you :




  • Our Workshops are short and to the point! They have a clear directive, mission and outcome. 
  • You get to meet and work with people who are there to achieve the same goals, so you get to share views and concepts and you realise that others feel the same way as you do. 
  • You always come away with concise information about the topic of the workshop and worksheets that you have worked on yourself for reference. 
  • You will have shifted your perspective on certain things, things that you may have felt blocked on or stuck. You will have learned new ways of dealing with situations and will feel excited about trying the new techniques out when you leave. 
  • You will leave feeling energised and motivated to tackle the issue you came with with greater confidence and enthusiasm. 

Upcoming Workshops



On Leap Day February 29th. from 3.30 – 6.30pm.

The workshop will give you the first step towards identifying what is most important to you in your life right now. You will leave with know the top 5 areas you need to focus your time, energy and attention on in the coming months. And feel highly motivated about making a few changes in your life to get closer to living a more passionate and dedicated life.

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Our Retreats have a very clear and profound purpose. They are designed to help you :



Renew Yourself 

  • The Retreats are usually 4 days away in a beautiful, comfortable, quiet venue. 
  • You will have time to rest and reflect on yourself. 
  • You will be offered very heathy food options and the opportunity to do a mild diet detox if you want. The food will be mainly Vegetarian and Vegan and absolutely delicious and home-made. 
  • Each day will take you though a gentle programme which will help you identify your passions, goals and any blocks that may be preventing you from achieving them. 
  • You will discover more about yourself and gain confidence in manifesting what you want in your life right now. 

The Coaching Programmes each day are three and half to four hours long with a lunch break in the middle. 

You will be offered yoga each morning before breakfast, and meditation each evening before supper and one Sound Bath during your stay. These are optional, you may wish to attend or you may wish to wander the grounds and the gardens or just relax in your free time. 

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided in the Dining Room and teas and refreshments available to you throughout the day. 

You may wish to share a room with someone or to have a room of your own. It is vitally important that you feel you can relax and take time out for yourself. 

If you wish to go out, you are perfectly welcome to do so, to the stunning local village and enjoy looking in the shops or having tea or coffee out. You may even wish to dine out and you can just let us know on the day. 

Current Workshops

What is the difference between a Retreat and a Workshop?

Retreats tend to be residential stays somewhere “out of the ordinary”. These can be UK based or abroad. Suzy has run a large number of retreats often, but not always, in Greece.

Workshops, on the other hand, tend to be completed in a day, in a venue close to Suzy’s base. These can be half day, full day or two-day workshops, but rarely last for a longer duration. They can be seen as a bit of a boot camp and really kickstart the growth process!