The Passion Test - Suzy Pool, Beaconsfield,

The Passion Test Workshop

Live your life doing what you love

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On Saturday the 29th February


At The Lee House The Lee Great Missenden Bucks HP16 9NA

I am delighted to be offering this powerful and life enhancing workshop to everyone again this year on Leap Day! Leap Day only comes every 4 years as we know and is a very special day for taking a leap into your new life!

“Suzy is one of those rare people who has the talent, empathy and instinct to transform people’s work/life balance, and to make a lasting and positive impact. She is a master practitioner of The Passion Test and is a Life Changing Coach and Personal Mentor”
Bulent Osman – Managing Director at the App Garden

Looking for Motivation, Energy and to bring the spark back into your life?

Look no further. Take the Passion Test and identify the top 5 most important things you need to be focusing your time, energy and money on right now.

Without Clarity on what truly makes us happy and buzzing with energy and vibrance, we are simply just drifting along in life.

This however take a little time and attention and some guidance. The Passion Test process will help you to identify these areas in a very short time.

Prioritise and Identify what is of greatest importance to you in your life right now! What top 5 areas of your life do you need to be focusing on most right now?

Your top 5 priorities in life, once they are absolutely clear to you will you purpose, joy and motivation.

  • Identify clearly your top 5 most important areas in your life right now
  • Become crystal clear about what each one means to you
  • Learn how to keep your undivided attention on these top priorities
  • Develop your subconscious mind to ALWAYS choose in favour of them

And transform your life! Only your passions, the things that deeply motivate you will do this.

The Passion Test is a unique process that empowers you to create the life you want, effectively and efficiently by strategically getting the heart and the mind to work together.

You will be shocked and inspired by its simplicity and its power to find exactly what is dearest in your heart and you will learn how, by using the mind to focus on these things only, your deepest desires are fully met.

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“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes” – Carl Jung