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Our Workshops are designed to give the time and space you need to reconnect with yourself. As a result, you can learn so much about yourself in such a short time. Each of the half day or full day workshop are broken up into different mini sections so that it has variety and the exercises are short and fun to do. Working in a group setting means you learn from each other and share concepts and ideas. The Workshop title will reveal the special theme and how it will benefit you.

What can Themed Workshops offer you?

Each of the Workshops will give you :




  • Our Workshops are short and to the point! They have a clear directive, mission and outcome. 
  • You get to meet and work with people who are there to achieve the same goals, so you get to share views and concepts and you realise that others feel the same way as you do. 
  • You always come away with concise information about the topic of the workshop and worksheets that you have worked on yourself for reference. 
  • You will have shifted your perspective on certain things, things that you may have felt blocked on or stuck. You will have learned new ways of dealing with situations and will feel excited about trying the new techniques out when you leave. 
  • You will leave feeling energised and motivated to tackle the issue you came with with greater confidence and enthusiasm. 

Upcoming Workshops

Finding Your Life Purpose

Full Day Workshop – On Sunday the 10th May  – 10am – 5pm

At Fulmer Village Hall, Fulmer Road, Slough, SL3 6HP

£77 if you book BEFORE the 24th April (Full price thereafter is £97)

Finding Your Life Purpose

Creating a clear path into your Life’s Purpose

Every one of us feels that deep down we are here to do something  special with our life here on earth for the time that we are here. From a very early age, we seek to find our own special unique gift and talent. And when we do at whatever stage in life that may be, we simply want to use it. We use it to bring joy into our life, to feel valued and appreciated for who we uniquely are and to share that gift with others.

We may even go so far as to call this our Passion. A passion is something you love, something you really enjoy doing, something you are best at. We say things like, I love singing, painting, dancing, working with numbers, being by the sea, riding horses, whatever it is….. it’s my passion. And when we see someone say that, we see their eyes and face light up. We see the joy radiate through them in their eyes.

The real question is how many of us end up following and living our passions!

Life happens to us. We follow a path that is often made for us. We perhaps follow in the footsteps of our parents or what society demands from us. One day, we wake up and we feel a burning desire to follow OUR OWN path, whatever that is! And that’s when the real journey of life begins.

This workshop is all about finding what your passions are. RIGHT NOW is a good place to start.

You may already have been asking yourself that for sometime now, but it’s only been a background whisper in your head. And each day goes by and you are aware that there is something else out there for you?

And then it’s scary, so best stay as you are and hope that things might change, you never know! And yet you know deep down that they won’t unless you take some action!

Here’s that opportunity. Take a small step towards finding out what your Heart’s Desire is. Just discovering this is enough to give you a nudge in the right direction. The rest is easier and far more effortless than you imagine. Self Discovery magically eliminates Fear!

This Workshop is divided into 2 parts.

Finding Your Passions and Purpose in life and Removing The Blocks.

It is your first steps in that direction and enough to help you to stay on that path.


Discovering Your Passions

Prioritise and Identify what is of greatest importance to you in your life right now! What top 5 areas of your life do you need to be focusing on most right now?

Your top 5 priorities in life, once they are absolutely clear to you will you purpose, joy and motivation.

  • Identify clearly your top 5 most important areas in your life right now
  • Become crystal clear about what each one means to you
  • Learn how to keep your undivided attention on these top priorities
  • Develop your subconscious mind to ALWAYS choose in favour of them


Find out what is stopping you from creating a more fulfilling life. Where are our repeated patterns of behaviour coming from? Is it just our beliefs created from our experiences of our early life?

There is so much more to learn about why we stay stuck in our life when we so want things to change in our outer reality.

The fact is that it is simple. The reality is that it is not always in our interest to change!

Our conscious intentions may not always match our subconscious intentions, and we create barriers and blocks that we can only remove through investigation and another type of Intention.

Find out more……and clear the path once and for all to live the life you truly desire and feel deserving of on every level.