What People Say - Suzy Pool, Beaconsfield,

What people say…

When I started yoga with Suzy I could barely touch my toes. A few weeks later, after weekly sessions and regular personal correction and much encouragement, Suzy has totally transformed my life. Each class has motivated me to learn more and more and practice on my own. My body is more flexible, and my focus and concentration are also so much better.


I wanted to let you know that yoga with you has turned my mental health around and given me insight and a new sense of calmness and well-being. I can’t put a price or use the right words to do you enough justice. Thank you.


Thank you for another wonderful session Suzy. Your guided mindfulness meditation exercise was wonderful. You are a gifted teacher. You manage to create a wonderful blend of ‘new learnings’ - sometimes that’s even coming from our existing knowledge! Whilst also being able to help us consolidate our earlier practices. All the while being ‘brave’ enough to share your own learnings with us too which is both refreshing & reassuring and a reminder that we can always be a ‘student’ I feel very fortunate to have you as our guide on this journey. Thank you again.


I just wanted to thank you for supporting me through my numerous life hurdles 2 years ago and my new relationship. I often recall our conversations and put what you have helped me with into practice on at least a weekly basis. It means more to me than you’ll ever know! Just to say thank you again!